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What warranty I can get with my repair?

All of our repairs are completed using top quality parts and come with a 12 month warranty. This warranty covers only the part(s) that were replaced. It does not cover any subsequent damage to the phone or components that were not replaced.

Do you need to reset my device?

We won't do reset of your device (your contacts/pictures/apps and all your data will stay the same). 

Do you need my pass code?

Yes we do. If your device is protected by password you should send us password with device or remove it from there. If there is a pass code it’s reduce our ability to test all the functions of your device. If you do not wish to provide it, the certain device functions including the camera, wifi and bluetooth cannot be tested and cannot be guaranteed.

How do I know if I need the LCD repair or not?

If the actual screen of the device is white or has any dead pixels then you need to select full LCD replacement as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage. Still not sure? Send a picture of your device while it is powered on to and we will do our best to diagnose it.

Can I track the status of my repair?

Of course, you can track your repair by logging in to the account you created when you placed your order on our page. Also you will receive an SMS or email update once your device has been shipped with tracking information.

How should I post my device to you?

We recommend using Royal Mail 1st class by clicking this text as this will ensure fast delivery of your device (the next working day). Make sure please that your device is packed securely.

How long will it take to repair my device?

We understand that you depend on your device daily and being without your phone can be an inconvenience. On average, most repairs are completed within 2-3 working days which will have your phone repaired and posted back to you within 3 days, or by the next working day.

What kind of devices do you repair?

We do repairs for devices including: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy smart phones. 

What happens if my device can’t be fixed or there something else is wrong?

In that case if we find any other issue with your device, we will contact you giving you the option to decide if you would like to go ahead or cancel the repair.

If your device has issue what our technician is unable to fix, we won’t charge you anything beyond the diagnostic fee.

May I cancel my order?

If the repair hasn't been processed you may cancel the repair. Unfortunately we charge a flat rate of £9 to return the device to you if we have already received it.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more quesytions via email or use our live chat facility.

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