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iPhone 8 Plus Audio Issue


If you cannot hear your favourite tune, when somebody is calling you, or there are some odd noises when you are either on the phone or listening to music, it can be rather frustrating. But the solution is on the way! BrandLab specialists will repair your iPhone 8 Plus providing the quality customer service you deserve!  Our skilled technicians do everything to solve all the issues with your iPhone 8 Plus. Our top priority is to deliver top quality. Contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.

Repair Summary

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FAQs About the iPhone 8 Plus Repairs

Screen refurbishing means separating the cracked/smashed glass from the display and digitizer and replacing this glass with a new piece on top of the old display.

It is a glass replacement service, your screen must work. There shouldn't be touch/ backlight issues or died pixels

Screen refurbishing is a glass replacement service only, your display must work. Screen Replacement means full new screen replacement.

There can be few reasons why your iPhone may not be turning on.

Possible solutions:

- Your iPhone battery is completely discharged and needs to be plugged into a power source. Or your iPhone battery needs to be replaced.

- Your  iPhone needs a restart.

- If it's water damage, you probably need to repair the device quickly to avoid serious damage.

You may buy our "Diagnostics" repair service so our professionals can look into it and find the cause of the issue.

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