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Are you worried about your Microsoft Surface 3 condition after breakage? You undoubtedly need Microsoft Surface 3 repair service from our experts to get it back working again. BrandLab offers the best Microsoft Surface 3 screen repair & replacement service. It takes us 24-48 hours to fix your Microsoft Surface 3. All of our repairs come with a 12 months’ warranty.


BrandLab specialist will repair your device providing the quality customer service you deserve!

Microsoft Surface 3 Screen Replacement


  • 12 month warranty
  • Price promise
  • Pay in store
  • 40 minutes
  • High quality parts
  • Post-in available

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Microsoft Surface 3 Diagnostics


No one can imagine a day without a personal device, as it has become an essential part of our personal and business lives. That’s why when your Microsoft Surface 3 breaks down, you want an expert to fix it.   Contact BrandLab any time and get a quick and accurate Microsoft Surface 3 diagnostics you can trust. We are ready to help you with any issue round-the-clock!..

In case there are any issues with your Microsoft Surface 3, but you don’t know what is wrong, our technicians will test and accurately diagnose  it. Processing time 24-48 hours. more...

Microsoft Surface 3 Diagnostics

FAQs About the Microsoft Surface Repairs

Yes, we can fix Miscrosoft Surface issues.

Please choose the model you need here: www.brand-lab.co.uk/repairs-servicing-tablet-repairs-microsoft-surface

If your model is not on the list, contact us and we'll help