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Samsung S9 Plus Screen Replacement & Other Service

Samsung S9 Plus Sound Issue

£ 59.00
  • 12 month warranty
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  • 40 minutes
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  • Post-in available
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How To
  • I have a Samsung S9 Plus which the child tried to microwave. The screen and battery intact and it fires up. It tries to connect to WiFi but won’t. Is this the motherboard and can you repair?

    Yes, we can fix it. You may send your Samsung S9 Plus to us for diagnostics. We fully test it and let you know. You can book the service here: www.brand-lab.co.uk/samsung-s9-plus-diagnostics

  • I was just wondering if I went through your Samsung S9 Plus screen replacement service does the phone become waterproof again

    Water proof level will be reduced a little but the phone will still be waterproof. You can place your order here:www.brand-lab.co.uk/samsung-s9-plus-repair-service

  • What is a backlight issue?

    Backlight it is an illumination from inside of your screen

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